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Microbiology supplies

Clinical diagnostic products for the in vitro detection and identification of bacterial, fungal, viral and protozoan agents of human infectious disease.

Products incorporate a variety of applications encompassing both traditional microbiology methods in addition to modern molecular biology techniques for nucleic acid amplification and detection.

Culture media and selective supplements for isolation or enrichment of bacteria from clinical samples.
Discs, rings and tablets impregnated with antibiotics for susceptibility and breakpoint testing by disc diffusion and multipoint technology.
Serological and Immunological assays for bacterial, viral and fungal protein, antibody and antigen detection by immunofluorescence, agglutination and ELISA.
Molecular based assays for DNA and RNA detection by PCR, NASBA and macroarray hybridisation.
Unless otherwise indicated, all products carry the CE mark in compliance with the European IVD (In Vitro Diagnostic) directive for clinical diagnosis of infectious disease.

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Rapid tests

High quality Test
Easy to read result
Storage at room temperature
Build in control
Casette & strip format
Long shelf life
For use with Serum, Plasma, Stool, Urine & Whole Blood

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Elisa kits

Colored ready to use liquid reagent
Individual break – apart well
Fast simple procedure
Suitable for most Elisa
systems High Sensitivity
Specificity Wide range of product

Hormones kits .
Infections disease kits.
Autoimmune kits .
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Clinical chemistry and immunoturbidmetry kits

Liver function Test.
Kidney function Test.
Mineral Profile.
Diabetic Profile.
Lipid Profile.
Cardiac profile.
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