Nephstar plus

Proceeding the Assay
The membranes have to be washed thoroughly several times according
Evaluating & Analyzing the Results
With the help of the Biocheck Imaging Software and a flatbed scanner it
Automated Testing
For high throughput testing we offer a fully automated solution including

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•Principle: Fixed-time Immunonephelometry
•Dimensions: 260mm*242mm*97mm
•Light Source: Diode laser( 670nm class II)
•Storage Temperature:0-40℃
•Operation Temperature:Temperature:15-30℃
•Sample Volume:10-20 ul
•Measuring Time: 20 seconds to 3 minutes
•Communication Protocol: HL7
•Data storage: 1000 tests
•Power supply 100-220VAC 50/60Hz
•Test 3 samples simultaneously
•No need for sample pre-dilution

•Automatic blank reading
•Automatic calibration
•LIS compatibility
•Calibrated against the International Reference Material ERM-DA470

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