Taking a Blood Sample
A simple procedure that doctors and medical staff can easily perform.
Pipetting Serum
Serum is applied onto cassettes carrying membranes with different ..
At this stage it is important to follow the protocol concerning incubation..

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•Principle: Fixed-time Immunonephelometry
•Dimensions: 260mm*167mm*125mm
•Light Source: Diode laser( 670nm class II)
•Storage Temperature:0-40℃
•Operation Temperature:Temperature:15-30℃
•Printer: Built-in thermal printer
•PC interface:RS232 interface
•Sample Volume:10-40 ul
•Measuring Time: 20 seconds to 3 minutes
•Communication Protocol: HL7
•Keyboard: Numeric and functional Keys(16 Keys)
•Net weight:2.8KG
•Power supply 100-220VAC 50/60Hz

•No incubation needed
•Auto calibration and blank reading

•Latex-enhanced technology increases sensitivity
•Maintenance free
•Free electronic pipette along with Nephstar
•Wide test menu,29 assays available
•Poct Nephelometer with simple procedures, rapid quantitative result

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