Taking a Blood Sample
A simple procedure that doctors and medical staff can easily perform.
Pipetting Serum
Serum is applied onto cassettes carrying membranes with different ..
At this stage it is important to follow the protocol concerning incubation..

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•Operative Mode: Batch, selective, STAT
•Sample Loading: Continuous loading on 26 positions, STAT samples can be placed and run at any time

•Sample Containers: Primary tubes ( diameter from 8 to 16mm; height up to 100mm), cups of different sizes.
•Minimum Reaction Volume: 230ul
•26 sample positions, 30 reagent positions
•Control: Auto drawing of control Levey-Jennings and Westguard QC chart
•Reatction Cuvettes: 50 disposable, optic grade cuvettes
•Reaction Temperature: Constantly and precisely monitored (37℃±0.1)
•Optional Accessories: Printer, Barcode reader(reagents and samples)
•Power Requirements: 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz
•Dimensions and Weight: Height-60cm, Width-55cm, Length-65cm, Weight-60KGS
•Operating Environment Requirements: Room temperature: 18-32℃ Relative humidity: 30-85%
•Throughput: 100 tests / hour
•Auto identification / Auto cooling of reagent
•STAT sample priority
•Small volume of sample required
•Automatically pre-dilution, eliminate waste of reagent
•User friendly software interface
•Auto-identify sample type

•Smart sample system
•Automatic washing system
•Washing function of probe, which can be washed whatever by inner-outer way
•Precise dispensing system

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