Polycheck systems

Proceeding the Assay
The membranes have to be washed thoroughly several times according
Evaluating & Analyzing the Results
With the help of the Biocheck Imaging Software and a flatbed scanner it
Automated Testing
For high throughput testing we offer a fully automated solution including

Panels for human and veterinarian serum diagnostics

Test Kits for human serum diagnostics are available to test for allergies as well as autoimmune disorders. Variants of allergens or antigens can include: different numbers of targets to evaluate allergic responses in the field of inhalation, food, pediatrics, insects and other challenges. Additionally, regionally specialized panels are offered as well as panels intended to test the response to components and recombinant allergens. Concerning autoimmune disorders, the panels are suitable for general screenings as well as organ related auto aggression. In the field of veterinary diagnostics, the panels are customized for dogs, cats and horses with their characteristic problems.

•Polycheck® Kit
•Standard Lab Equipment: Rocking Shaker, Pipettes, Timer, Refrigerator

•IT Equipment: Personal Computer (Win 7 or higher, Net Framework 3.5), Printer & Flatbed Scanner
•Biocheck Imaging Software: Free Download here on our website

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