Virology Workshop

Prepared By
Kasr Al Aini, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University
Prof Dr Mona Wassef
Head of Clinical and Chemical Pathology Dep
In Collaboration with
Central Public Health Laboratories
Dr Amel Naguib
Head of Virology Department, CPHL


  1. To identify full microbiological workflow in different specialty labs
  2. To differentiate between real bacterial, viral, fungal pathogens and normal bacterial and viral commensals in challenging samples
  3. To describe the pre-analytic items that present a potential source of error in the lab
  4. To state the biosafety levels in different microbiology labs
  5. To outline the molecular techniques and sequencing in the microbiology field
  6. To Practice and interpret the viral culture

Complete Workflow for Different
Microbiological Samples
Theoretical Part

• Venue: Kasr Al Aini
• Date: 15.9.2019
• Number of Attendees: up to 200
• Fees: 500LE

Detailed Workflow of Virology Culture
Practical Part
• Venue: Central Public Health Laboratories, Virology Division

  • Group A: 16.9.2019
  • Group B: 17.9.2019
  • Group C: 18.9.2019
  • Group D: 19.9.2019
    • Number of Attendees: up to 12 per Group
    • Fees: 500LE

For Registration, please follow this link

For payment please contact Mrs Nevine Farouk 01223878145

For any information contact Dr May Sherif 01068800242